An exhibition of work by 3rd year Fine Art and 3rd Year Illustration students that is inspired by and made from textiles.

Exhibition continues 14th - 27th November
Mon - Sat: 9am-5pm
3rd Year Fine Art corridor
Level 5 Crawford Building
Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design

'Homage to Eddie' is a re-creation in my selected materials of a gouache painting on book illustration "Tree Creepy" from the series 'Bird of the Devil' by Eddie Summerton.
The low-fi look echos my performances with these materials , keeping the look simple on the main elements I saw in the painting. This doesn't pretend to be a great piece of work, its just a bit of fun. Purely saying I appreciate Summerton's humor and morbid style of work.

The coving/cornicing scarf, rapping Venus is a long story of crazy thought process. Its all to do with the black and white hexagon structure. So rather than coving having this hard plaster look I wanted to make it out of something soft, weak and unstable. The exact opposite of what is needed for the rigidness of a key-stone from which it has been inspired by.
Theres also a tong and cheek to covered the Venus all over. Its taking back what the suffragettes and the gorilla girls did for art. Rather than attacking art, delete or cover, Shes been transformed into a topical Gaga Venus.

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