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Artist as creator, author, maker and subject ( artist as art ).
Using personal experiences as the starting point amplified and exaggerated to tell a morbid tale of the artists human condition, narcissism, exaggerations, characteristics, sexual preferences and sexual history / adventures.
In the film contrasting themes of sexual confusion, man and woman as one - from hermaphrodite of no distinct sex to androgyny of man dressing as woman or woman as man. The paradox of the human condition. A theory of creation from within destruction tied in with love.
The references are all brought together through the flawed character - A twisted Haversham bird woman which comes about from a male word given in affection for there girlfriend or in my ethos, Going drag.
Bearded men drunkenly singing / ranting about the human condition, what its like to be drunk, a man and Scottish. The idea for the bearded men came from being taught about romanticism from a bearded man.
A hermaphrodite child born from destruction, mischievous acts running through out being more sinister - ending in death. The child covers their misdeeds. relating to the relationship between the young child and mother.
The film has not begun life yet as I need to finish the complete ethos of the story line, construction, costumes, artifacts, props, location, etc.
I need to quicken my process and procrastination. Yet working on lots of diverse projects such as drawing, painting, mezzo-tinting, sculpture and sewing progress will be slower which keeps motivation alive.

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