[ BUBONIC :: PLAGIARISM ] 2010, digital photographs.
The character was the creature born from the destruction of the Black Jimmy. Born evil as her Mother - Miss Haversham desperate for a female child to nourish to hate men from her previous life of being jilted at the alter. The creature has killed another of her own kind, and seems unfazed and ambivalent of her act. The reference of the image was taken from Joseph Beuys' "How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare".

[ BIRD ] 2009, oil on canvas.
[ DAMAGED :: GIRL ] 2009, digital photograph
[ BIRD ] 2009, digital photograph.

The damage girls, Amy Winehouse's fight with Blake, Britney spears wearing no underwear and flashing, and Kate Moss taking coke are all the re-enactments of these girls actions in drag. These images were the starting point for "bird" photograph, while the title a reference to the nick-name give in Scottish language, Creating myth and humor while being morbid and mixing contracts are at the center of my practice as an artist.

[ BIG :: BROTHER ] 2009, pencil on paper, 60 x 40cm, with
[ BROTHER :: BEARD ] 2009, mezzo-tint plate and print, 17 x 12 cm.
The drawing carries many layers of historical and personal the romanticist period in art - (romanticism is the idea of raw earth, for example highland Scotland, where bearded men live in the woods scavenging food and live rough) And i wanted to contrast that with having something and loosing it to.... having hair and the loose of also. The picture I used David when he was six year old - the year I was born... So its a drawing of my brother David , and my friend Jeniffer's hair condition alopica, and a self portrait .

[ BLACK :: JIMMY ] 2009, mdf, pine, gloss paint, fabric, cushion filling, 190 x 80 cm.
Jimmy's are the name given to the hollow double sided key stone shapes. The keystone carry's a long and important history with them. Said to be found in Salomon's death tomb architecture before this shape was found was all straight, it also is a key part to the Freemasons theology. While Jimmy's are opposite mirrors of each other from each end, they both fight in being one thing, both at the same time. The sculpture is a story about birth, creation from destruction. When the stones are fixes together side by side they count five, rigid and strong - but for a keystone to be hollow the structure is in fact weak and parcel to collide. Therefore if the key strength is weak the two sides would collapse giving birth to destruction and a new age of sometime new. To make the cycle / circle harmonious again another Jimmy needs to be created / born. Giving the circle another generation of life. The image of Botticelli masterpiece "Birth of Venus" 1485 was also a key reference to this sculpture. The construction also brings up stereotypes of male and female - the contrasting opposites. the making of the Jimmy's being the male construction of craft in wood. While the delicate stitching work of the fabric penises.

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