[ OMAN ]



                       Oman,  Crete Tower, Hanging Curtain, Hanging Lamp, 2011.

As you enter the space, echoing music surrounds the room; a slowed gothic version of Etta James 'I Just Want To Make Love To You' penetrates your core, you are unwelcomely met by a oppressive gaze from your host. Similar to a Nazi style banner draped over buildings. The same is true with the proportions of this textile. 'Oman' is the main body to which the animal prays upon its victims for 'narcissistic supply', striving to be the polar opposite of the conventional stereotype, the piece is a two sides coin. He is both victim and oppressor. The creature in the image is the predator and dictator of the narcissistic ego, acting as an opposite to the 'Phantom' carousel. It is to be viewed as almost a propagandist visual, representative of narcissism.

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