'Phantom',  black carousel, 'spook' figure, music, 2011.

A balance occurs between the dictators persona of the 'Oman' and the reflective quality of the 'Phantom' carousel, which shows the hidden side of the narcissist's ego. 'Oman' is the body, 'Phantom' is the pond. The carousel is the passive and victimised aspect of the narcissist. It refers to the medical inquiry into the narcissistic state. Playing with the tension that lies between understanding varieties of the condition; homosexual and heterosexual, male and female. The 'spook' is a need for the narcissist, they require the creature to act as support, a constant feed of reassurance and indulgence. The creature's physiology is in flux, battling contradictions. Having Hypertrichosis (wolf-boy syndrome) and a hair condition called Alopecia. Sympathy is felt for the spook but the viewer also is comprehends the difference and maintains a sense of reservation. It has been put on a pedestal acknowledging its 'freak' like persona reminiscent of fun fairs of the past. It points to a notion of joviality and sadness. The carousel is a stage, a theater, a spectacle echoed within the egotistic persona of the 'Oman'.  All the while a ghostly 'I Just Want To Make Love To You' chimes away, the carousels melody.

Review in The Skinny, Dundee Degree Show 2011
                              writen by Ben Robinson

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