Im Every Woman - video, 2012

'Im Every Woman' is presented as an ultra low-fi adaptation of the Youtube music still image. We see the character slowly breaking down in their composure, showing the viewer the deterioration in holding ones expressions. Demonstrating an manic-ness from something once outwardly positive.

                                      Live Performance - Im Every Woman, 2012

Epson dress, 2012

The dress and stool were constructed for the live performance of the video performance. Presented like a re-shooting of the video, with an audience.

With a low-fi aesthetic echoing the process of fabricating the textiles was created by feeding pre-cut patterns which could be no wider than a piece of A4 paper, through a standard Epson printer. Yet the length could be a continuous feed, allowing long narrow panels of graduating colour and tones to be manufactured with something that was to hand and not made to handle such tasks. Which gave the ink a jolt of linear variables 
which echoes the nature of paused video or disturbance in video. 

                                   Im Every Woman Stool,  2012
                        Bitch Princess, Oil on Board, 2012


Assemblance at The Whitespace Gallery Edinburgh.
What Now Collective - Group projects.

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